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Upper Chelsea and Belgravia

Lowndes Square

Lowndes Square

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Continue past the house and go straight on out of the square via Cadogan Gate, across Pavilion Road and back into Sloane Street. Turn left and walk for some way up Sloane Street, crossing Pont Street, and continuing to the zebra crossing outside Gucci. Cross here, turn left and then right into Harriet Street. Continue on into Lowndes Square, and stop by the gate into the square garden ahead of you.


Lowndes Square is also part of the Cadogan Estate, built in the 1840s. After the construction of Hans Town, building slowed as war and economic recession intervened. In the 1820s, as confidence returned, a new building boom began and a fresh swathe of squares were laid out.

The square is surrounded by 1930s railings, but the original gate piers on both sides are intact. There is reputed to be a ghost here – several people claim to have seen a white-haired old lady in an old-fashioned bath chair who sits at the kerbside and pulls terrible faces at anyone who looks at her!