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Upper Chelsea and Belgravia

Belgrave Square (continued)

Belgrave Square (continued)

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Continue walking along the NE and SE sides of Belgrave Square as far as the fourth (south) corner.

If you are visiting this garden on Open Garden Squares Weekend, be careful to check the opening times.


On the right, through a gap in the planting, opposite Nos 39 and 40, is a view of another statue, Plazotta's Homage to Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

The next statue on the right is of Simon Bolivar, a revolutionary leader who liberated South America from Spanish rule.

Looking across the road, No. 34 was home to Field Marshall Viscount Gort (1886-1946), commander-in-chief at Dunkirk, who lived here from 1920 to 1926. A lifelong soldier, he displayed great bravery in WWI, and rose to become the youngest ever Chief of the Imperial Staff.

At the south corner of the square there is a statue of Christopher Columbus, whose voyages across the Atlantic to the Americas opened up a new era of European exploration and colonisation.