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Barber-Surgeons' Hall Gardens

Barber-Surgeons' Hall Gardens

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Walk around Monkwell Square and just beyond the back right corner you will see Barber-Surgeons' Hall Gardens. Walk up the path alongside the gardens and up the stairs (this is the only means of access here, although there is a longer way to access the garden without stairs via London Wall). Climb down the other side of the stairs on to London Wall. Turn right and take the first right and walk down the curved road to the car park to enter the garden. In the garden there are booklets about the garden available, located in a box next to the iron railings.(0.06km) 1.36km


The Barber-Surgeons' Garden is one of 10 livery company gardens remaining in the City. There has been a garden on this spot since at least 1555. Its planting was influenced by herbalist John Gerrard, who was Master of the Surgeons' Company in 1607. The present garden was begun in 1987 on a derelict bomb-site. It contains the remains of a bastion of the Roman fort (c. 300 AD), along with formal planting and a larger informal area. A highlight is the Barbers' Company Herb Garden, with 45 small plots divided into four areas corresponding to different uses of herbs/medicinal plants. See