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Girdlers' Hall

Girdlers' Hall

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In the north-east corner of the square is Basinghall Street. Walk down Basinghall Street and when you reach a fork in the road, take the left-hand road, Basinghall Avenue. Walk down Basinghall Avenue and on your left is Girdlers' Hall. The garden is visible through the railings.(0.08km) 0.54km


Girdlers' Hall is one of only 38 livery company halls left in the City. There has been a building on this site since 1431, but the present neo-Georgian hall was completed in 1961. Its small scale is a vivid reminder of how much the City has changed over the past few decades. Although the Girdlers' Hall garden is modern, livery companies have maintained City gardens since the Middle Ages. This garden, which is not open to the public, includes attractive flowering shrubs and a mulberry tree.