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Barbican Estate Lakeside Gardens and Terrace

Barbican Estate Lakeside Gardens and Terrace

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To continue the walk, return to Moorgate, turn right and cross the road at the traffic lights. Walk down Ropemaker Street (facing you) and turn second left on to Moor Lane. Take the first right on to Silk Street. Walk along Silk Street and on your left is the entrance to the Barbican Arts Centre. Walk straight through the centre, out through the double doors to the Barbican Estate Lakeside Gardens and Terrace. (0.16km) 0.86km

There are accessible public toilets on most levels of the Barbican Centre, as well as a variety of places to eat.


The Barbican Estate is built on some 40 acres (15.2 hectares) of land that was laid waste by WW2 bombing. Built from 1960-73, it was designed and built for city professionals and officially opened by the Queen in 1982. The dramatic architecture is the work of Chamberlain, Powell and Bon. Today it houses more than 4,000 people in 21 separate blocks. The estate is known for its many amenities including public and private gardens and the Barbican Centre. The Lakeside Gardens and Terrace are particularly impressive public spaces with waterside seating and city views.