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Stave Hill

Stave Hill

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From Rotherhithe Street, turn right into Railway Avenue, following the signs for Cycle Route 4. Cross Brunel Road (by Rotherhithe Station) and continue along the path opposite. At the end, turn left along Albion Street and right into Swan Road. Near the end of the road, follow the path on the left (later called Albatross Way) across Needleman Street. Turn left on reaching Albion Channel and cross the water on the next bridge. Follow the path, which eventually emerges into Archangel Street. Turn left into Timber Pond Road and take the third turning on the right, Dock Hill Avenue, which leads up to Stave Hill.


Stave Hill is an artificial hill created from spoil when the docks were infilled in 1985-9. From the top are fine views and at the summit is a bronze map by Michael Rizzello, 1986. The hill overlooks a nature reserve created by the Trust for Urban Ecology, which was planted with saplings in 1987. Trees include field maple, alder, ash, birch, aspen, cherry, rowan and oak and numerous shrubs plus a number of ponds.