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Downing's Roads Moorings

Downing's Roads Moorings

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The road splits shortly after Potter's Field. Take the left fork, Queen Elizabeth Street, and cross Tower Bridge Road. At the end, turn right into Shad Thames, at the end of which turn right into Jamaica Road (traffic signals). Turn immediately left into Mill Street. The entrance to Downing's Roads Moorings is at the far end. You can get a good view by turning right into Bermondsey Wall West and looking over the wall on the left.


These historic moorings date back 200 years or more. Gardens have been created on the decks of many of the barges to form an ‘inside-out’ floating garden square. The barges take part in Open Garden Squares Weekend under the name Garden Barge Square.

Across the road, the gardens of Jacob's Island have been planted with marshy plants.