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Manor House of Edward III

Manor House of Edward III

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Continue along Bermondsey Wall West as far as you can. When the current development is completed, you may well be able to continue straight ahead into Bermondsey Wall East. In the meantime, you will have to turn right into East Lane and left along Chambers Street. At the end, turn left into Bevington Street and right into Bermondsey Wall East. Continue as far as the Angel pub, where the remains of Edward III's palace are on the right.


Edward III's small palace was built in 1353, costing £1200. It survived partly through avoiding being subsumed into the network of docks to its east. It was excavated in 1985, revealing two courtyards and a moat. It was known as the ‘paradise’, referring to its walled pleasure gardens where exotic fruits were grown. The name Paradise Street recalls this name. The King's Stairs which survive today mark the landing stage where the royal party disembarked to visit the palace.