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A Cycle Ride in Hackney

Hackney City Farm

Hackney City Farm

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Turn right from Pearson Street into Appleby Street. Passing St Chad's Church on the left, continue to the end Appleby Street and along a path across a patch of grass. Turn left along Hackney Road.

Those who took the short cut through Cremer Street or started from Hoxton Station will have reached this point after passing the Citibike shop in Hackney Road.

Go through the junction with Queensbridge Road (traffic lights) as far as a signal-controlled crossing about 150 metres further on. Take the cycle path on the left. This is not the path at a right angle to the road but the one that starts off parallel to the road, along the front of Hackney City Farm.


Haggerston Park, one of the few formal landscaped gardens in Hackney, was laid out in 1956 on the site of an filled-in canal basin. Also dating from the 1950s is a long pergola walk on the north side of the park. In the 1980s the park was extended to the south to include a Hackney City Farm, a children's playground and playing fields.