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Hammersmith and Fulham


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On leaving the walled garden there is a choice of routes. Turn right towards a children's play area (to the right is a nature conservation area). The path past the play area leads to a gate on to Goldhawk Road. Use the zebra crossing to the bus stop for Shepherds Bush. Next to the bus stop is Starch Green.

Alternatively, return to the stable block and continue along the avenue of flowering cherries, which replaced the great 18th-century avenue of elm and chestnut. The well-stocked Ginkgo Garden Centre is located under the arches of the railway bridge. Either go under the bridge and out to King Street for buses to Hammersmith Broadway or turn left just before the railway and take the path to Ravenscourt Park Station.


Starch Green is so called because it was once an open space used to dry laundry. It was originally a flooded brick pit, which was filled in. It was used as a turning point for trams and trolleybuses, but in recent years has been pedestrianised.