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Charing Cross Hospital

Charing Cross Hospital

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At the circular flower bed turn left and leave the cemetery via Margavine Road. Turn left and cross at the traffic island, continuing into Claybrook Road. At the end of the road, enter Charing Cross Hospital by the Claybrook Gate.

Walk straight ahead, passing the Mental Health Unit on your right: to the right is first a lawn, with the weather vane of the old Fulham Infirmary, and then a paved area with seating Festival of Britain planters, Turn right across the front of the hospital.

Leave the hospital through the water garden, where the sculpture, Reclining Figure, is by Henry Moore.


Charing Cross Hospital was built from 1969 to 1973 on the site of the old Fulham Infirmary, built in 1884. The hospital has a café, restaurant and accessible toilets. Going past the front of the hospital on a mound to the left near the road is a sculpture by Tappeo Koper. Further on, to the right, there is a garden a storey below the road with another sculpture, Horse and Rider by Robert Clatworthy.