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Claremont Square

Claremont Square

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Leave the square at the top right hand corner. Walk along Mylne Street into Claremont Square (not accessible to public). On the right is Claremont Close.


Claremont Close was the last square to be built by the New River Company, with eight blocks of flats erected from 1935 to 1936 in domestic revival style around a central garden of cherry trees and standard roses. The site previously contained livery stables, as well as being used to contain cattle en route to Smithfield Market. The site also suffered bomb damage during WW2.

Claremont Square was developed between 1821 and 1828 around the old Upper Pond of the New River Company, built in 1709. The reservoir was covered and turfed in 1852 following the Metropolis Water Act which outlawed open areas of standing water in London. This covered storage reservoir is still owned and in use by Thames Water. The square has its original 19th-century railings.