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St Paul's Churchyard

St Paul's Churchyard

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To find the churchyard gardens, continue around the cathedral in an anticlockwise direction.


The present cathedral is the fifth on the site. The first was erected in AD604 by St Ethelbert. In 1712 completion of Sir Christopher Wren's cathedral was marked by a statue of Queen Anne (the current statue is a marble copy of the original).

Remains of the earlier chapter house cloister are still visible in gardens to the south of the cathedral nave, where trees include mature plane, ginkgo, maple, lime, ash, mulberry and eucalyptus.

The north side of the garden is home to some of the oldest London plane trees in the City as well as the City's only giant fir tree. At the south gate is a beautiful rose garden.

Wren's Church of St Augustine was destroyed in 1941, but the remaining tower was restored and incorporated into St Paul’s Choir School.