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Inner Temple

Inner Temple

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Continue around the cathedral in an anticlockwise direction until you come back to the road. Cross, using the zebra crossing, and turn right, down Ludgate Hill. Turn left into Pilgrim Street and go down the steps at the end. (You can avoid the steps by continuing instead down Ludgate Hill and turning left at Ludgate Circus.) Turn left along New Bridge Street and cross the road at the traffic lights. Turn right into Bridewell Place and follow it round the bend to the end, where you turn right into Tudor Street. At the end of Tudor Street, continue straight ahead through the gate into the Inner Temple. Cross King's Bench Walk and continue straight ahead along Crown Office Row. The gardens are on the left.

If you are visiting this garden on Open Garden Squares Weekend, be careful to check the opening times.


This little-known, peaceful 3-acre garden lies between the Thames and the cacophony of Fleet Street within the historic precincts of the Inner Temple.

Parts of the garden date back to the time of the Knights Templar, and there is a legend that the Wars of the Roses began after an encounter here. The High Border, on either side of the 18th-century gates, has attracted much attention with the use of succession planting and is notable for its innovative colour combinations, carefully chosen and placed so that each plant complements its neighbours.

Other features include a peony garden, a brass Queen Anne sundial, a statue by van Ost, extensive lawns, a broadwalk lined with mature plane trees along the Embankment boundary, and a constantly refreshed pot display.

The 12th Century Temple Church lies within the boundaries of the Inn. As well as notable lawyers and politicians, many writers have lived in the Temple, including Charles Lamb, Charles Dickens, William Thackeray and Harold Nicolson. The courtyards of the Temple, where barristers have their chambers, can be explored and where smaller pockets of greenery and plantings can be found.