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Maughan Library

Maughan Library

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On weekdays, you can go up Middle Temple Lane and through the gate into Fleet Street. At weekends, this gate is likely to be locked and you will need to retrace your steps back through the Inner Temple to Tudor Street, turn left into Bouverie Street and left into Fleet Street. Cross the street at the traffic lights and walk up Chancery Lane. The Maughan Library is a large building on the right-hand side.

If you are visiting this garden on Open Garden Squares Weekend, be careful to check the opening times.

NB The garden of the Maughan Library will be closed till 2015 because of building works.


Originally owned by Clifford's Inn, half the garden was acquired in 1912 by the Public Record Office. This re-opened in 2001 as The Maughan Library of King's College London. The Contemplative Garden was designed by George Carter and won the 2003 London Spade, awarded by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association.

The design is based on the principle of creating ‘green rooms’ to complement the main features of the adjacent building. Carter has provided historic continuity in his use of hornbeam, lime and yew, with an emphasis on shades of green rather than colour planting. A sculpture by Dorothy Brook, a small water feature and a statue of Confucius complete the picture.