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Victoria Tower Gardens

Victoria Tower Gardens

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Retrace your steps into Dean's Yard, turn left and leave the Abbey precincts through the arch at the end. (If the gate is closed, you will have to go out through the gate where you came in and turn left four times.) From the gate, turn left along Great College Street, following the wall of College Garden on your left. At the end, cross Millbank and enter Victoria Tower Gardens on the other side of the road.


Victoria Tower Gardens were created in 1864-70, following the embankment of the Thames by MBW's Chief Engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette, although Sir Christopher Wren had conceived of a continuous embankment in 1666. The gardens run south from Black Rod Garden and the Houses of Parliament to Lambeth Bridge and were extended c.1914. The layout comprises a central lawn, with perimeter paths, mature trees and shrubberies. Within the gardens are a statue of Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, Auguste Rodin's Burghers of Calais (to the left) and the Buxton Memorial Fountain (to the right).