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The Garden Museum

The Garden Museum

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Go towards the right from where you entered Victoria Tower Gardens. At the far end (the opposite end to the Palace of Westminster), go up the steps onto Lambeth Bridge and turn left. (You can avoid the steps by leaving the gardens, turning left and following the street.) At the other end of the bridge, cross the road. The Garden Museum is in a former church facing you.

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The museum garden is 17th-century-style knot garden, designed by the Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury, President of the Garden Museum. It was officially opened in 1983 by HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

The garden is set in the old graveyard surrounding the museum, which was formerly the parish church of St Mary-at-Lambeth. It features plants of the period and contains the tombs of the famous 17th-century gardeners and plant-hunters, the John Tradescants, father and son. There is a wild garden at the front of the museum, created in 2007.