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Hereford Square

Hereford Square

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Carry on along the Old Brompton Road and at the traffic lights turn left up Gloucester Road into the south side of Hereford Square. The entrance is on the west side, opposite the houses once occupied by the actress Fanny Kemble and the travel writer George Borrow. The east side of Hereford Square is formed by Gloucester Road (which used to be called Hogmire Lane), where you will see the Hereford Arms pub, a very popular local hostelry.


Hereford Square is a private communal garden provided for residents of the surrounding houses, part of the Day Estate developed from 1847-52 by architect Thomas Holmes. Benjamin Day had married Ann Dodemead in 1743, whose father had land here, and they built Hereford Lodge (demolished 1840s) on what is now the south-west corner of the square. The central garden was part of the original plan and completed by 1848; it has mature trees, paths, lawn, shrub and flowerbeds. Among famous residents was Sir James Barrie, author of 'Peter Pan' who lived at 133 Gloucester Road. During WWII, the garden was used as baseball ground by American soldiers. The bill for broken windows in the pub has not yet been paid.