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Pembroke Square

Pembroke Square

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Continue along Stratford Road to the junction with Earl's Court Road, by St Philip's Church. (Visitors who omitted Lexham Gardens and Cornwall Gardens join here.) Cross Earl's Court Road and turn right, up Earl's Court Road. Turn left into Pembroke Square.


Pembroke Square was built in the first period of development of Lord Kensington's Edwardes Estate in the early C19th, and followed the building of Edwardes Square and Earls Terrace. The square was completed by 1831 following a slow start. Ownership of the garden enclosure was in several hands from at least early C20th, as a result of which only the western portion has been accessible to residents of the surrounding houses, where a sunken rock garden was laid out. Maps of 1837 and 1843 show a building at the east end of the garden; known as 'The Lodge'. It was occupied by a succession of florists before being acquired by Charles Rassell in 1897. Although Rassell made some alterations to the building in 1903, it still looks much the same today.