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Charterhouse Square

Charterhouse Square

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Follow the bus lane along High Holborn, passing Chancery Lane station and continue as far as Holborn Circus, with a statue of Prince Albert on a horse, raising his hat to the City. Turn half left into Charterhouse Street. Cross Farringdon Road (traffic lights) and continue up the rise, passing Smithfield Market on the right. Continue straight ahead as far as Charterhouse Square.

Leave Charterhouse Square through Hayne Street. This was on your right as you entered the Square, opposite the exit gates. Turn left into Long Lane (unmarked) as far the junction with Aldersgate Street (traffic lights).

From here you can:


Charterhouse Square was developed as a residential quarter in the 17th century on the site of 14th century plague pits. The pentagonal garden was laid out with diagonal walks, lined with lime trees, bordered on three sides by fine mansions and on the north by rambling old monastic buildings from the 14th century, still visible today.