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Aske Garden

Aske Garden

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Turn left from Epworth Street into Tabernacle Street, following the signposted cycle route for Shoreditch and Dalston and passing the rear of Wesley's Chapel on the left. At the end of Tabernacle Street, continue straight ahead into Pitfield Street via the cycle crossings of Great Eastern Street and Old Street. As you ride up Pitfield Street, you will pass Aske Garden on the left.


Aske Garden is on the site of Aske's Hospital, one of the earliest and grandest almshouses to be built in Shoreditch, which took its name from its benefactor Robert Aske, who also bequeathed money for Haberdasher Aske's School. The buildings were rebuilt in 1825-27 and used as schools and later the Shoreditch Technical Institute. They have now been converted to housing.