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A Walk through Southwark

Drapers' Company Almshouses

Drapers' Company Almshouses

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There is a café, with accessible toilets, at Jerwood Space gallery (first right beyond All Hallows Church Garden, and left at the end into Union Street).

To return to Borough underground station from Copperfield Street, retrace the route back along the street, go across Southwark Bridge Road and along Marshalsea Road to the junction with Borough High Street.

To continue the walk, go to the end of Copperfield Street and turn left into Great Suffolk Street (again narrow pavements). Cross the road into Pocock Street, and go under the second of two impressive railway arches for a view of the tidy ‘cottage-style’ front garden of Drapers' Almshouses (1820), on Glasshill Street.

From here it is about 10 minutes' walk along Great Suffolk Street, and left into Borough High Street to return to Borough underground station.


The Drapers' Company was founded on the wealth of the wool trade in medieval times. They built a number of almshouses, of which this is one, a terrace of five houses, with a railed, communal front garden.