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Guy's Hospital

Guy's Hospital

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Return to the Cathedral Street/Winchester Walk entrance, turn left towards the railway bridge and bear left. The road continues into Bedale Street. Cross Borough High Street at the traffic lights and walk along St Thomas Street (crossing with a buggy or wheelchair may be difficult here: pelican crossing about 30m to the right). The entrance to the grounds of Guy's Hospital is on the right hand side of the street.

There are steps up to, and down from, the colonnade. To access the garden via an alternative route, continue along St Thomas' Street, turn right into Great Maze Pond and right into Collinwood Street (after the Hospital Friends' shop).

Continue through the pleasant campus grounds into Newcomen Street. From here, you have the following options:

  1. You can return to the Red Cross Garden and continue with Section 1 by turning right and walking along to Borough High Street. Cross into Union Street and turn left into Redcross Way.
  2. To end the walk, turn right along Newcomen Street into Borough High Street and turn left to return to Borough underground station.
  3. You can continue the walk with Section 3 from Guy Street Park (see below) by turning left along Newcomen Street and continuing into Snowsfields. Turn right into Kipling Street and the park is on the left.


The hospital was founded in 1721 by Sir Thomas Guy. The spacious forecourt leads through to a formal garden area surrounded by a colonnade, not unlike cloisters, beyond which lies King's College campus. There is also a memorial garden for staff lost in WW2.