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A Cycle Ride around Sutton

Sutton Ecology Centre

Sutton Ecology Centre

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Walk along Festival Walk, opposite the Water Tower, as far as the pond. The entrance to Ecology Centre is on the left, while the Heritage Centre, with a café, is on the right, facing the pond.


The Ecology Centre opened in 1989, encompassing a site formerly called The Lodge Lands, and has its shop and offices in the Old Rectory, an early 18th century house probably built by Rev. William Hollier, vicar of Carshalton's parish church of All Saints. In the 18th century the site formed the kitchen garden to Stone Court, demolished c.1800, whose once extensive estate dated from at least the 14th century. The ecology centre has ponds, walks, allotments and examples of different types of habitat, arranged around the Lodge, a mid-Victorian mansion. There are some mature trees. At the southern boundary there are remains of a water channel, which at one time led to a Bath, shown on the 1867 OS first edition