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A Cycle Ride around Sutton

Carshalton Grove

Carshalton Grove

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Continue straight ahead along Honeywood Walk, with the pond on your right and passing the war memorial on the left. Cross North Street and enter Carshalton Grove through a gate in the wall a short way to the left.

Walk along the path to the right towards the pond and cross the bridge, with a fine view across the pond to the church. After crossing the bridge, take the path to the right along the edge of the pond. Turn left on reaching Carshalton High Street (opposite the Woodman wine bar). After a short hill, the street passes through a pedestrian crossing.


Part of the centre of rural Carshalton, the public park with an ornamental pond was once the grounds of The Grove, a private house built c.1840, which from the early 19th century had incorporated part of the former lands of the Stone Court Estate that were east of the Wandle river. The Grove was purchased by Carshalton UDC in 1924, and the recreation ground was formed out of the grounds.