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A Cycle Ride around Sutton

Seears Park

Seears Park

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Cross the main Malden Road using the pelican crossing and follow the cycle track to the left and then round the corner into Park Road, on the right. Just after passing the Olde Red Lion on the right, bear left and right into Love Lane, following the cycle route signs for Sutton. Crossing the Sutton By-pass, you will see Seears Park to the left.


Seears Park was originally part of Hammond's Orchard, itself part of East Cheam Manor estate. Laid out as a park by John Seear c. 1890-1912, it was left to his wife and then to the local authority on her death (1932). There remain some mature ornamental trees from the 19th century, including a monkey puzzle, redwoods and firs along the main road to the west, also some broken statuary and a pond from the same period. The drinking fountain was added in 1932 as a memorial to the Seears. There is an attractive ornamental cottage in the north-east corner.