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Winchmore Hill to Palmers Green

Friends' Meeting House

Friends' Meeting House

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From Winchmore Hill station, turn right up Station Road, cross Wilson Street and walk alongside The Green to the mini-roundabout by the King's Head. Cross towards the pub and go down Church Hill. The Friends' Meeting House is about 140m down Church Hill on the right.


The Friends' Meeting House here is one of the oldest and most famous in the country. The current building of 1790 replaced the original one which dated from 1688. The crescent-shaped area in front of the Meeting House was added in 1717 to help with the turning of carriages in the road, which was once very narrow.

The burial ground to the west of the Meeting House is on the site of the property's 300-year-old walled garden. There are some gravestones in the grass immediately to the side, but the main burial area is behind the building, with simple headstones set in the grass. There are some mature trees, including two cedars, with yew and various shrubs and some flowerbeds.