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Winchmore Hill to Palmers Green

Woodcroft Wildspace

Woodcroft Wildspace

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Outside the Meeting House, cross Church Hill, turn right and then left into Denleigh Gardens. Continue across Branscombe Gardens to Seaforth Gardens. The Arts and Crafts-style houses here was built in the 1920s and 30s on land once part of the Laurel Cottage Estate.

At Seaforth Gardens, there is a choice of routes. For a wheelchair-friendly route or to avoid woodland paths, turn left to the top of the road, and then turn right into Broad Walk. Turn right into the park at the mini-roundabout, or alternatively turn left to visit Woodcroft Wildspace (see below).

For a walk through woodland, cross Seaforth Road at the end of Denleigh Gardens, turn right and then left into the park. Walk to the junction with the woodland path. This is what remains of the once extensive Winchmore Hill Wood. To continue through the wood, turn right, walk down through the trees and across the stream, then turn left towards the lake.

To visit Woodcroft Wildspace from here, turn left and continue bearing left, past the park office, to a junction of paths on the right. Turn left along the main path and walk up to the park gates. Cross Broad Walk into Woodcroft. The entrance is towards the end of the road on the left between numbers 28 and 30 (wheelchair access is currently limited).


Until the mid-1990s, the site was used as a sports ground. However, this use was discontinued due to poor drainage and regular flooding. With support from the Big Lottery Breathing Spaces Fund, the Friends of Woodcroft are turning the site into a local nature reserve which will feature nature trails through managed woodland, wetland, meadow and orchard areas, all of which will be designed for full disabled access. There will also be a field study centre, meeting room and café. See