Volunteers' Handbook


Welcome to the London Parks & Gardens Trust: you are joining a network of more than 100 volunteers who help the Trust make a real difference for London's green spaces. London's parks and gardens are one of the city's greatest glories. The London Parks & Gardens Trust aims for everyone to be able to enjoy them, understand their significance and look after these important assets.

This booklet is designed to tell you more about the Trust and the work we do, and demonstrate how the work you do contributes to the whole of the Trust. It also provides information on things like claiming expenses and what to do if you have any concerns. Copies of policies, claims forms, etc. referred to in the text are available on this web site or from the Trust's office at Duck Island Cottage.

Your group leader will give you more information about your specific role and volunteering arrangements.

If you are interested in helping us look after London's green spaces there are many opportunities for you to get involved.

Heritage Lottery Fund

So welcome and thank you for volunteering with the Trust.

Mike Dawson
Executive Chairman
London Parks & Gardens Trust
April 2016