Torrington Square

Torrington Square

Torrington Square

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Walk through Woburn Square, turn right outside the gate and continue along the pedestrian walkway into Torrington Square, which has been re-landscaped in contemporary style. Cross the road and walk to the right along the centre of the square. At the end is another view of Christ Church.

Turn back and walk up the square towards the University of London Senate Building, passing Birkbeck College on the right. Turn right at the end and leave the University precinct, turning left into Malet Street. Walk along to the zebra crossing outside the front of Senate House.


Much of the original building has disappeared, but the Georgian terrace containing number 30 remains. Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) lived here with two aunts from 1877 until she died, in great pain from cancer. She wrote many poems, including Goblin Market and the lyrics to the Christmas carol, In The Bleak Mid-Winter.

The Senate House served as the Ministry of Information during the Second World War. Its staff included many well-known writers, such as Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene and Dorothy L. Sayers, and it became the model for the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984.

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