Russia Dock Woodland

Russia Dock Woodland

Russia Dock Woodland

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Leave Stave Hill in a southwesterly direction along the path at right angles to Dock Hill Avenue. Look out for the path that avoids the steps. The path emerges into St Elmos Road. Turn left on reaching the cycle route in Archangel Street and enter Russia Dock Woodland.

It is quite easy to get lost in Russia Dock Woodland, but you can reduce the risk by following only paths divided into two halves for pedestrians and cyclists.

Follow the path down and across a bridge, where you come to a point where two cycle routes cross.


Russia Dock was once was part of the Surrey Commercial Docks, created in 1864 when the various companies owning Rotherhithe's C19th commercial docks amalgamated. Surrey Docks came to cover over 185 hectares, and was particularly important for imported timber. The Docks were finally closed in 1969.

The linear wooded park was created by Southwark in 1980 from the former Russia Dock basin - parts of the old canal wall and boat moorings are still visible. It contains a water feature which connects streams, a canal and lagoon and two ponds. Numerous species of trees and shrubs have been planted.

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