Lavender Pond

Lavender Pond

Lavender Pond

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The next stage can be omitted by proceeding straight ahead towards the Ship York pub. But you will miss one of the most scenic parts of the ride.

Turn left along the former dockside. Ignore a branch off towards Redriff Primary School on the right. After crossing the second wooden bridge, take the path on the right (Nelson Walk). This passes under a road and emerges into Pearson Park at the side of Rotherhithe Street. Immediately after a canal bridge, turn left into Lavender Road.

After visiting the pond, return to Rotherhithe Street and turn left. At the Compass pub, turn left along Beatson Walk. After passing under a road and past the back of some houses, you will return to the junction of three paths by a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and return along Waterman's Walk to the point where you started this stage, where you turn left.


Lavender Pond Nature Reserve was once was in the northern part of the Surrey Commercial Docks. Lavender Pond was created in 1982 by the Trust for Urban Ecology, when the landscape naturalised with funding from LB Southwark and the London Docklands Development Corporation to provide a small wild-life pond. The park also has a wet meadow and woodland planted with native trees; a small tree nursery was established in 1985. Nearby are the remains of Lavender Lock, built in 1863 to serve a timber pond that belonged to the Surrey Docks.

The Pump House, built by Port of London Authority in 1928-9 over the channel through to the Thames, was used to regulate the water in Lavender Pond. It was converted in 1981-2 for educational use and is run by an educational trust with an emphasis on environmental education. Since 1997 the basement of the Pump House has been used as Rotherhithe Heritage Museum, which exhibits archaeological finds from the area.

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