Westminster Abbey - Dean's Yard

Westminster Abbey - Dean's Yard

Westminster Abbey - Dean's Yard

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After passing Duck Island Cottage, continue to the corner of the park, where there is a lodge housing a police station. Cross Birdcage Walk on a road table and turn left. Take the first right into Storey's Gate. After passing the Methodist Central Hall on the right and the QEII Conference Centre and (paying) public toilets on the left, cross Victoria Street at the traffic lights. Pass through the arch facing you slightly to the left into Dean's Yard.


Dean's Yard is built on the site of The Elms and the former monastery farmyard. Since the 18th century there have been three rows of trees and a central green here, but the high railings surrounding it were removed in 1967.

The yard now features a number of large trees, including London planes, a red horse chestnut, a tulip tree, maple and sycamore. Smaller trees include silver birches and a medlar. The surrounding buildings are in an attractive ‘collegiate' style. The site is used by Westminster School as an occasional football pitch.

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