St Pancras Gardens

St Pancras Gardens

St Pancras Gardens

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From the natural park, ride back under the railway as far as a gate and steps a short distance beyond on the left. Carry your bike up the steps and walk through St Pancras Gardens. Your exit is straight ahead.

On leaving the bottom of St Pancras Gardens, cross St Pancras Road on foot, using the zebra crossing. Look back to admire the gates of the Gardens. Turn left into Goldington Crescent and left again into Goldington Street. Use the cycle track on the right, when you reach it. Follow the cycle track right into Polygon Street and left into Ossulton Street. Pass the British Library on the left.

If you are returning to King's Cross or St Pancras station, turn left at the traffic lights at the far end of Ossulton Street. Otherwise turn right into Euston Road, using the cycle crossing, and immediately left into Mableton Place.

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St Pancras Gardens were formerly the graveyard of the old St Pancras Church, the core of which dates back to the 11c. The gardens were opened to the public in 1891. There are many interesting features, including the extravagant Burdett-Coutts memorial sundial. The gardens were restored in recent years by the London Borough of Camden, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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