Manor Park

Manor Park

Manor Park

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Cross St Nicholas Way using the toucan crossing and ride up the hill to the right along the cycle track on the pavement. Turn left into Hill Road, where there are a number of bars and restaurants and follow the cycle track down the hill to Sutton's High Street. (Cycle shops further down the High Street: Pearsons on the right, Halfords on the left.) Cross the High Street and go up Throwley Road opposite to the junction with Throwley Way. Manor Park is facing you across Throwley Way. There is a café in the corner of the park.


Manor Park was originally the site of Manor Park House and three other large suburban houses and their respective grounds that were acquired by the local authority. The pleasant public park was laid out from 1914 on a sloping site with Sutton's war memorial, dating from 1921, at the top. This park is sub-divided into areas by hedges and fences. Many of the trees in the park, which include firs and deciduous trees, are mature or semi-mature. The large fountain in the south park enclosed within simple iron rails and gates was donated by Cllr Charles Yates, Chairman of Sutton UDC in 1924-25.

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