John Evelyn’s Sayes Court: Update - July 2017

Further to the Trust’s Study Day with the GHS in April 2012 and the first update (Februrary 2014)

Development of the historic Deptford Dockyard (Convoys Wharf), which included the site of John Evelyn’s house and garden, is going forward. At the same time plans by Deptford residents Roo Angell and Bob Bagley for a John Evelyn centre and garden, linking the house site to Sayes Court Park (all that remains of Evelyn’s garden), are also under way. After much persistence, and with strong support from the London Borough of Lewisham, the National Trust, the World Monuments Fund, and other bodies including the GHS and LPGT, their scheme was finally agreed by the Mayor of London in 2014. The centre will provide young horticulturalists with educational facilities, and in this connection its garden will have both practical and historical significance. It will not, however, be a replica of any part of Evelyn’s plan, but a modern design reflecting aspects of it.

Funding is from several sources is pending. A Community Interest Company has been set up to administer this, and currently a board is being appointed to oversee the process. While plans for the centre are being implemented Roo and Bob are hoping to continue to involve the local community and others by providing information boards and organizing events in Sayes Court Park. They have been promised £20,000 for this purpose by the Greater London Authority, provided they raise an equal amount through crowd funding, and would greatly appreciate support, however small, from LPGT members.

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