Along the Thames Path

John Goodier introduces some of London's lesser-known riverside parks

The Thames is London's largest open space and the Thames Path runs along one or both sides of the river as it passes through London. It runs through or close to great open spaces, examples from the west and east are Hampton Court and Crayford Marsh. It also includes important parks like Battersea, the Victoria Embankment and Thames Barrier Park. In this imaginary walk from west to east, I want to introduce you to some of the smaller parks that form part of the Thames Path through Travel Zones 1 & 2. Furnival Gardens

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Wandsworth ParkThis is only a selection of the parks along the Thames, and there are at least two more under construction. There are also many small open spaces associated with offices and housing developments. For me, an exciting aspect of the Thames Path through central London and Docklands is that the scenery and the views are forever changing.