Green Heritage Challenge

Part of the Mayor of London's National Park City Festival

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Green Heritage Challenge Checklist

Welcome to the Green Heritage Challenge we want to you to have the most enjoyable time following our trails and finding solutions to clues so please take care of the following.

You will be looking and solving clues in public spaces and so you need to consider the risks associated with these areas. Please be aware there may be other people in the parks,squares or gardens, do not let children wander off unsupervised. Do not gather in large numbers on pathways there by blocking routes through these spaces.

  1. Please watch the path networks: you may find some of them uneven. If walking on the grass, take care of potholes which may have appeared in the hot weather.
  2. Be aware of the members of the public who are relaxing in the park or garden. Try not to disturb them or trip over them.
  3. Walking in central London can be very hazardous when crossing roads, so please ensure you use pelican or controlled crossing points, where available; otherwise please take extreme care.
  4. If it is hot, please make sure you have water with you at all times; if cold, please make sure you have suitable warm/wet-weather clothing and shoes.
  5. If there are boundaries / fences in place to prevent access close to trees, please respect these as they have been put into place due to Health and Safety concerns.
  6. Please be careful when opening and closing gates.
  7. Take some coins/change with you to pay for the toilets in parks.
  8. Please take care when taking photographs, particularly selfies!

But, most of all, have some fun, get outdoors, enjoy time with friends and family etc.