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Self-guided Walks and Rides

Clockwise Kensington Walk


Most of the gardens in this walk are private, but can be enjoyed at any time of year, as there are views into the gardens from the street of most of them. Many of the gardens are open to the public during Open Garden Squares Weekend.

This is a circular walk around some of the gardens of Kensington, starting and finishing at South Kensington station. It also passes Gloucester Road and High Street Kensington stations.

On foot, the tour, including visits, would probably take more than a whole day, and most people choose to follow a part of it. However there is a let-out: the C1 bus passes close to many of the most interesting gardens, and its route is marked out in red on the map.

Please be aware of your personal safety and security when walking. Use this text in conjunction with a detailed street map and use designated road crossings where possible.