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Bloomsbury to Shoreditch and back


For many years, the district traversed by this ride was on the edge of London's built-up area. This meant that it could be used for purposes not possible within the built-up area, such as burial grounds and residential developments with communal gardens. Many of these have now become public open spaces. More recent years have seen the creation of new community-oriented gardens.

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This 14.4 km cycle ride enables you to visit spaces which range from Bloomsbury squares to community gardens via gardens with a strong spiritual dimension.  It uses sections of the London Cycle Network as well as the Regent's Canal.

The ride starts and finishes at Russell Square.  For a longer ride, it can be combined with the Hackney Ride.  This adds between 4.2 and 10.2 km to the distance, depending on the options taken.

The ride can conveniently be started also from King's Cross, St Pancras (see Section 7) or Euston station (see Section 9). Directions from these stations are given at appropriate points below.

Although you could do the whole ride in a couple of hours, it will more likely take between half a day and whole day, depending on how many gardens you stop at and for how long.