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A Cycle Ride around Sutton


Before the suburban expansion of the inter-war years, Sutton was still largely a rural area, dotted with country houses. Many of these became public parks, which still retain some of their original landscaping and buildings and which you can visit on this ride.

Sutton has implemented an extensive network of cycle routes that allow you to cycle between the spaces included in this ride. As well as avoiding busy roads and junctions, the routes take you through interesting backwaters and across some of the parks.

This ride uses Sutton's extensive cycle network to explore the borough's open spaces, many of which began their lives as country estates.

The total distance is about 13.5 km / 8.5 miles. Although you could do the whole ride in an hour, it will more likely take half a day if you stop a few times.

You can start the ride at Cheam or Carshalton station and finish it at Carshalton or Hackbridge station. These stations are all on the same line. Outside the peak hours, you can take your bike free of charge on the trains serving these stations. If you intend to travel on a Sunday, it is advisable to check on that the line is not closed for engineering works.