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London Gardens Trust Inventory

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Duck Island Cottage, LPGT's office

Project sponsors

The project has received invaluable funding support from:

  • The Pilgrim Trust
  • J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust
  • English Heritage Regional Capacity Building Grant


Credits and Acknowledgments

Inventory research by Hazel Conway, James Edgar, Ruth Guilding, David Lambert, Todd Longstaffe-Gowan (1995); Lesley Howes (1999-2002); Sally Williams (1999-ongoing).

The work has been augmented by other researchers, particularly, since 2005, by members of LPGT’s Volunteer Research Group. The following people in the Group have contributed to site entries that are currently showing on the website: A. J. Allnutt, Tony Banfield, Patricia Birch, Ruth Brownlow, Harry Calthrop, Zoe Cain, Marilyn Carter, Carrie Cowan, Mary Cruickshank, Catherine Davis, Britta Fuchs, Sheena Ginnings, Paula Hart, Mary Luisa Hartley, Elizabeth Hingston, Sarah Jackson, Annette James, Sally Jeffery, Selene Leatham, Fiona Ligonnet, Pat Manning, Adrian Marston, Tony Matthews, Verena McCaig, Ron McEwen, Sally Miller, Michael Ann Mullen, Brenda Powell, Paul Rainey, J. M. Rawcliffe, Colyn and Barbara Reece, Jeffery Royce, Sophie Seifalian, Leonard Smith, Peter Smith, Vivienne Tatam, Kristina Taylor, Sara Tenneson, Jenny Turner, Alyson Wilson.

Picture research for London Gardens Trust Inventory was undertaken by Harry Chrystall, Rupert Cole, Wallace McDougall, James Parr, Kathryn Standing and Sara Tenneson. Many of London’s local studies libraries and archives have generously supported the project through assistance with historical pictures (See Links).

Thanks to members of LPGT Executive Committee and Council of Management, in particular Mike Dawson, Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Barbara Simms, Chris Sumner.



All text and images used on this site and in the documents and other resources contained within it are copyright © London Parks & Gardens Trust unless otherwise stated. You may not re-use any of the text, images or other content without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

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