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London Gardens Trust Inventory
London Gardens Trust Inventory London Gardens Trust Inventory London Gardens Trust Inventory

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Botanical Institution » Sites where botanical or horticultural research, instruction or education is their main purpose.
Cemetery » All burial grounds separate from place of worship / church: CoE, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Quaker, other denomination.
Churchyard » Mainly burial grounds adjacent to a church/place of worship, but can include a church garden without graves/tombs.
Garden Square » Garden enclosure (usually private/communal) surrounded by housing on at least 3 sides; includes garden squares now publicly accessible.
Housing / Estate Grounds » Landscaped grounds created for housing development, a public or private estate, garden suburb, garden village, social housing.
Institutional Grounds » Landscaped grounds of institutions including school, college, hospital, former asylum, prison etc.
Private Garden » Garden of a single private property, e.g. villa garden, almshouse garden or grounds, nursery garden, roof garden, private communal garden that is not a Garden Square (see below).
Private Open Land » Includes private golf courses, estate land/parkland, private sports ground, hotel grounds, other private land e.g. reservoir.
Public Gardens » Publicly-accessible gardens, includes former burial grounds/churchyards converted to public gardens, garden of public building e.g. town hall, library etc.
Public Open Land » Includes commons, greens, heaths, woodland, nature reserves, river or canalside landscaping, cycleway, former airfield (unless now a public park).
Public Park » Publicly-accessible municipal parks and royal parks, includes public golf courses.
Relict Feature » Sites where only a remnant of a former landscape or garden feature remains, e.g. parkland fragment,  avenue, grotto, ornamental pond, shrubbery.
Square » Essentially hard-landscaped spaces, including both public and private squares, courtyards.
Other » Sites that do not fit into any other category.
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