London Open Gardens: winter holding page

Save the date for next year’s London Open Gardens:
Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024

Each summer, London Open Gardens weekend gives visitors the chance to discover a diverse collection of green spaces, from the historic and traditional to the new and experimental, which open to the public for a special weekend. All funds raised help London Parks & Gardens to continue its work, protecting the green heart of the capital.
Please check back later for further details of the 2024 event.

We depend on volunteers to run this outdoor event; your support helps us raise funds to protect some of London’s most valuable green spaces.

We were delighted that the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association (MPGA) once again supported London Open Gardens in 2023. Visit the MPGA website to find out more about the Association, its programmes and the grants it gives.

We were grateful to London Square for their sponsorship for 2022.