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We aim to make London Open Gardens a fully inclusive event, but unfortunately some gardens do present access difficulties, especially for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. On this page you can view a list of:

All gardens allow working guide dogs and assistance dogs, on leads.

Please check the descriptions on each garden page for full details before making your journey. We rely on information given to us by participating gardens, which may change in the lead up to the weekend.

If you need the support of a carer or companion, we are happy to provide them with a complimentary ticket which can be booked online. Please contact our office on 020 7839 3969 or by email at office@londongardenstrust.org if you require any further assistance.

The following gardens are fully accessible to wheelchair users, and offer accessible toilets on site: 

Unfortunately the following gardens are entirely inaccessible to wheelchairs:  

Many gardens have gravel or sandy paths which may be difficult for wheelchairs. The following gardens feature particularly difficult features or uneven terrain, or have a step or raised threshold at the entrance:

The following gardens have some areas which are accessible, but other areas to which wheelchair access is not possible:  

The following gardens may be more tranquil for those with ASD and/or sensory sensitivities, and do not have planned activities during the weekend:

As well as ensuring LOG is as accessible as possible to visitors, we also aim to welcome weekend volunteers who may have additional needs. For example, we were pleased to provide captioned volunteer training sessions over Zoom this year, to assist those who are deaf or have hearing loss.