Quiz Questions

  1. Which large garden square in Notting Hill Gate was originally part of the Hippodrome racecourse?
  2. Why was the racecourse closed after just five years?
  3. Which City garden is named after the workers who in Victorian times ate their lunch under the shade of its trees?
  4. Which City garden is the size of six tennis courts? And boasts some of the best roof top views of the Thames?
  5. Which community garden was founded on a derelict playground off the Roman Road?
  6. Which garden in East London has a secret entrance onto Regent’s Canal?
  7. Who designed the Blue Peter garden in 1974?
  8. Which kings lived at Kew Palace at Kew Gardens?
  9. Which London Inn of Court has the Agnus Dei – Lamb and Flag symbol – on all of its buildings?
  10. Can you name the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries in London?