Edibles and the World Food Garden 

 Elizabeth Mooney – Edibles Team, Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden, Wisley   

 Wednesday, 18th May 2022 6-7pm 

 Image © RHS Wisley 

Elizabeth invites you to join her for a taster tour of the RHS’s new World Food Garden – where you can immerse yourself in a palette of edible delights. The Garden, which opened in 2021 is already proving to be very popular with garden visitors. It demonstrates the cultivation of new and unusual vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs, some of them exotic that will inspire the amateur gardener to grow at home. Elizabeth will explore new tastes that can be found in the produce grown in the World Garden as some may become more commonly grown. 

Elizabeth Mooney is a horticulturalist with the edibles team at RHS Wisley, with a focus on growing vegetables. She is originally from the north-east and moved down to Surrey where she gained a place on the Wisley Diploma course in 2019. She has undertaken a number of roles within Wisley curatorial prior to her current position.