Hidden in Plain Sight: Fifty Fabulous Features in the Land of the Fanns

Dr Twigs Way  

Tuesday 15th March 2022 at 6pm on Zoom

Hidden in Plain Sight Land of the Fanns – Copyright Heather Hunter

This talk focuses on a community partnership research project  in an area of South Essex known as The Land of the Fanns, supported by the Gardens Trust and the LoF Landscape Partnership. The project worked with local volunteers to identify, research and celebrate individual features of relict parks and gardens, enabling them to develop new skills and delve into the rich history of their landscape.  Dr Twigs Way will deliver an overview explaining how the project came into being, the success of its approach and the Fifty Fabulous Features that were discovered and recorded, emphasising the rich history of the area up to the present day. She will also highlight the follow-on work project being undertaken with the support of the Essex Gardens Trust.  

Dr Twigs Way  Is a researcher, writer, speaker and consultant in garden history and designed landscapes. Her recent work includes community training in Essex and Bedfordshire, consultancy parkland management plans for several major sites in the eastern region, and work across sites in Bedfordshire as part of the Greensand Country Landscape Project. She has recently published on the history of chrysanthemums in art and culture (Chrysanthemums 2020 Reaktion Books) and is currently working on Daffodils for the same series. Twigs is also an accredited Arts Society speaker.