The London Parks and Gardens Inventory  

How it works and the ways it helps researchers to champion the protection of parks

Helen Monger, Director and Sally Williams, Keeper of the Inventory

 Tuesday 11th October 2022 – online

Pedlar Park by Helen Monger

Soon after its foundation in 1994, London Parks and Gardens started to research and put together a catalogue of Greater London’s parks, gardens, churchyards, cemeteries and myriad other green or open spaces of local historic interest into an Inventory documenting their history. This talk explores how this resource of over 2,600 sites is used and its key role in assisting the work the Trust does to protect and conserve London’s landscapes from inappropriate or damaging planning applications.

Sally Williams, Keeper of the Inventory, has been involved in the Inventory since 1999 and will talk about its origins, development and criteria. Helen Monger, Director, will address how the Inventory supports the work of the Planning and Conservation team championing the protection of parks for everyone.