Skateboarding in the City: Inclusive Communities and Diverse Participants

Chris Lawton and Professor Iain Borden

Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 6pm on Zoom

Crystal Palace skatepark, London – Copyright Iain Borden

In this talk, Chris Lawton (Skateboard GB) and Iain Borden (University College London) explore the rapidly developing world of skateboarding in relation to public space and urban design. Iain introduces the wider history and cultural dimensions of skateboarding in the city, while Chris introduces some of the work being done in public parks and urban spaces across the UK. 

Chris Lawton is in the Community Development Officer at Skateboard GB and co-founder of Skate Nottingham CIC.  He is a Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Trent University with a background in researching regional economic development and the quality of work – and how skateboarding can help modern cities find more inclusive regeneration paths.

Iain Borden is Professor of Architecture & Urban Culture at UCL, and author of Skateboarding and the City: a Complete History (Bloomsbury 2019) and co-author of Design and Development Guidance for Skateboarding (Skateboard GB, 2020).